TGC Companies

Tosca Civil Engineering Lab

Tosca Lab cc was established in 1991 and obtained technical expertise, experience and resources specifically in areas of testing civil engineering related construction materials. Accreditations include, testing on soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt and bituminous binders. Tosca Lab cc converted to Tosca Lab (Pty) Ltd in 2014 and is operating within the Management and Quality systems approved by SANAS and complies with ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Tosca Environmental Lab (Water & Soil Analysis)

The need exists for an accredited (SANAS, SABS, ISO) Chemical Laboratory to provide these services into the Eastern Cape region. Opportunity is usually a space where skills, problems, capital and entrepreneurial skill meet.  Currently, Tosca Lab (PTY) Ltd has the commitment from its existing Civil engineering client base and its own internal work to create the necessary revenue streams.

Tosca Civil Engineering Academy

The Academy is in the final stages of CEDA and CETA approvals and will be the only of its kind in the region. Currently the Academy’s applications include curriculums for the NQF 1 and 2 Civil Engineering Testers and Health + Safety. The curriculums will be expanded upon to include Civil engineering management up to NQF 5 level.


Nouvo was established 4 years ago, the first impression on entering this beautiful Hair and Beauty Salon is WOW!! There is a feeling of opulence that caters for your every grooming need.

Nouvo offers all hair services, top quality specialty hair and beauty products available to purchase, situated in a destination lifestyle centre, based at 152 Main Road, Walmer – it is well appointed to suit our clients every need with ample parking, incredible coffee shop, fitness centre, spa , jewellery, florist and soon to follow clothing outlets available for maximised comfort.

St George’s College

What differentiates us from others is that we are an Entrepreneur focused high school, we pride ourselves on our mathematical and science excellence, and while we are focused on the now, we have to have a futures mindset, with the 4th Industrial Revolution in mind.

We are truly blessed with exceptional educators, and competently led by Dr. Leslie Boshoff , who holds  a Doctoral degree in Entrepreneurship. We know what it takes to succeed at university level and actively work at preparing our students from inception to do so.

A second and third phase program is for an FET College, which will allow us to train up students on NQF 3 – NQF 6 rating. Following on from the FET college, it is our plan to establish an internationally accredited business school to degree level, pegged by 2022.

Business Consulting service

There are many business coaches, consultants and accounting firms who claim to be able to do strategic turn arounds for businesses and assist particularly SME’s with qualified help… but not many have more than a basic diploma of a few months… It begs the question as to why someone would put their future in the hand of an organisation who might not necessarily be qualified or have the necessary knowledge to do so…. Tosca Group of Companies realised there was a desperate need for qualified business advise and with a true heart for both education and business, we founded TGC Business Consulting & Accounting Services.

TGC Entrepreneurial College

In line with the TGC St George’s College’s Entrepreneurial Vision , TGC Entrepreneurship College was introduced. The three year Entrepreneurship Training Program is designed for current and prospective business leaders in and around the organisation.