TGC Company Structure


The Tosca Group of Companies is constantly evolving and expanding into new areas of business. It makes sense to let our stakeholders know that they are part of a forward thinking company, with progressive and varied business interests. In time, we will advise our clients of the cost benefits to deal with more than one of the Tosca Group companies.

Management Team

Mr Fredrik Eijbers is the Managing Director of the Tosca Group. Fredrik is an all round  people orientated leader and is specifically strong on opportunity recognition and entrepreneurial thinking.

Dr. Leslie Boshoff, Director in the Group. He has a strong academic background and has a Doctorate degree in Business. His strengths lie in entrepreneurship, strategy and business developments.

The shareholders are very ably assisted by the Senior Management team of Warren Schultz (Nouvo), Simone Eijbers (HR Group), Derek Soutar (Tosca Lab) and Elzabe Boshoff (Group Marketing), Mr. Mark Fletcher (Academic Head, St George’s College) ; Ms Katherine Owalsky Deputy Head & Communications St George’s College), Mr Bonga Gwengu (Finance)