Art, Passion and Beauty

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Our passion is hair and beauty, of course, but we are also passionate about our guests as people. We invest in their lives, their concerns, and their joys in life. Our purpose is to deliver hair and beauty that makes you feel out of this world.

What we do at Nouvo is not just giving you the same look as every celebrity out there. We customize each and every style based on the guest that sits in our chair along with their skin tone, lifestyle, facial shape, and their hair. We want you to stand out while being comfortable at the same time. Our talented beautician will take in every little bit of information you give her in order to create the perfect combination for you.

Our processes are the perfect combination of art, passion, and science and we are driven to keep up with the latest trends in technology to bring you the most efficient processes from around the globe. We are not artists and we are not scientists; we are both.

When we aren’t looking after our guests and we have a little spare time, we are constantly researching precision cutting techniques and the most sustainable colouring techniques, coupling with the perfect formulas to create the best services.

While we consider it important to constantly educate ourselves, we also consider it our responsibility to educate our guests so that they leave understanding their hair and nails from the inside out.